For those who don't know me well yet, here are replies to the most common questions I often get:

What is your origin? How old are you? Do you have any siblings and how about a boyfriend? Where do you live?
My father is Swedish, my mother is Czech and I was born in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia at that time) on 1st April 1985. I have one brother and one sister. I live with my husband in a small village called Kittsee in Austria. We moved there from hectic London and truly love the silence here. You can find me in Bratislava, Slovakia almost every day though :-)

How did you get started with modelling?
My friend was working as a make-up artist back in Vienna and often needed a girl to "practise on" during the make-up classes, so I have volunteered myself. One day I was asked by another friend to shoot cover for a local magazine, I agreed and was published within couple of weeks! :-) Immediately after I started to receive other job offers and as I needed to find the way how to pay my rent and studies abroad (without asking money to my family), modelling became my very pleasant full-time job.

How did you start DJ-ing? Why do you DJ topless?
My neighbours were not really happy about the sounds coming from my apartment so my friends bought me headphones, voucher to a recording studio and then it was only on me to get a console and find a club to let me play in! I am naked most of the time, so why being dressed when playing music? ;-)

Why and how did you start working in porn industry? 
People telling me that I am more beautiful when naked :-) Moreover my fans were wishing to see me in a lesbo scene, so I have registered into various modelling agencies but as I got no job offer in this genre for almost a year, I switched to boy-girl stuff and my first shooting week was fully booked!

What's the best part of your job? What's the worst?
The best part is obviously travelling but as it is getting very tiring sometimes, it can become easily also the worst one.

Is your breast real or enhanced?
I won't call it enhanced as my breast is 100% silicon. And I really mean 100% as I was completely flat before. But always with hard pointy nipples ;-) 

What education do you have?
University degree and MBA.

What agency represents you?
I am a freelance, so if you wish to book me, please, contact me directly.

Do you have a membership site? 
Of course! Join can join my Sex World at

Do you sell any custom videos?
Yes, I sell custom videos (solo as well as B/G) through my website

I would like to buy you a present, how can I do that?
That's very kind of you, you can find my Wishlist here: